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What Pancakes Taught Me About Challenges and Perseverance

So the verdict is out and I have to comply to an all plant-based diet. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying every minute of it! But just as much an I am loving being a vegan and how much better my body is feeling, it does come with a set of challenges.

I didn’t realize how much the egg is used in so many dishes and trying to find an egg “replacement” has been a not so pleasant experience. The other day I tried to make sweet potato pancakes from scratch and failed horribly. I was so hurt that the rest of my breakfast was a flop, well sort of. Lol. However, I was determined to keep trying until I got it right. This morning I woke up and decided that I wanted to try again, but this time with plantains! First batch, horrible, second batch, amazing! Really it was. Lol. Although it didn’t take me long to figure out that I needed a bit more flour on the second try, the challenge of making eggless pancakes taught me three things:


  • 1. Challenges help you acquire knowledge – knowing what I did wrong or didn’t do the first time around, helped me understand what I needed to do right or do more of.
  • 2. Challenges make you an expert – but only if you learn from it!.
  • 3. Perseverance – it makes the end goal so much sweeter or delicious like my pancakes.


What set of challenges have you been facing and how are you looking into it with a positive attitude? Please share, would love to hear and chat

Raphaella Silva
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